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Custom made Backpack

Oct 22

The Ultimate Guide to Custom made Backpack

You want to create the perfect backpack for your next giveaway, but aren't sure where to begin? This buying guide will help you make the right choice when shopping for promotional products.

Why buy custom made backpack?

Your promotional giveaways will stand out if they are high-quality! PPAI discovered that 72% consumers think that the quality and reputation of a promotional item is as important as the company's brand. This means that your giveaways should be high-quality, such personalized backpacks. A recent consumer survey by ASI found that bags received approximately 3,300 impressions from customers using the promotional items they were given in public. Gifting promotional products has many benefits, as you can see.

Uses for custom made backpacks

It is important to know who your giveaways are reaching with promotional giveaways. Your college or any other educational institution is a smart move that will be appreciated by your students. These backpacks can be personalized to fit any situation and are very durable. Have you hired any employees recently. They would love to have a brand backpack with the logo of their new company on it. This is a great way to make them feel welcomed! Let's now look at some potential audiences for this giveaway. Now let's learn about the various features, materials, and sizes of wholesale custom made backpack.


Custom made Backpack Singapore  that are sustainable and good for the environment, as well as for your brand.


This backpack's top layer is 100% recycled material, making it an excellent choice for promotions.


This fashionable sling bag can be recycled 100% and biodegradable.

Recycled PET

This bag's main body is made of recycled water bottles, making it an eco-conscious choice.

Recycled Cotton

Recycled cotton is an excellent alternative to regular cotton fabric because it is made from postconsumer cotton.


Your custom made backpack's overall appearance and durability can be affected by the material you choose.


Although many bags made of cotton were used in the past, they were too heavy and susceptible to abrasion. Even though they are fashionable, cotton bags are still being made.


With the right care, leather can last a lifetime. However, they are more expensive than nylon or polyester backpacks.


Nylon material is very popular because it is strong, durable and can be woven. It can also resist heat and abrasion.


Canvas is a heavy-weight, coarse weave cotton material that will last you for years!


Polyester is a polyester-based fiber that is extremely durable, lightweight and wear-resistant.

Liter Capacity

less than 5 liters, which includes hydration packs, is the smallest backpack literage. Hydration packs are the best friend of backpackers. Simply slip your pack into your bag to access your water. The smaller backpacks can hold 15-19 Liters, 20-24 Liters, and 25-29 Liters. These backpacks are ideal for carrying all your school supplies and for hiking for one day. A backpack with a liter capacity 30-39, 40-50 is the best choice if you're looking to go on a weekend hike or an international trip. This will give you more space to store food and other supplies. Are you planning a camping trip lasting more than a week? You should choose a backpack with a greater than 50 liters capacity so that you can carry everything you need.


Your backpack prining singapore will be ten times more useful with added features such as laptop sleeves, hydration pack and water resistance.

With Laptop Compartment

Laptop sleeves make a great addition to your school or work backpacks.


The best way to protect your items inside is with a waterproof bag.


Anti-theft backpacks have hidden compartments or fabric that stop thieves from stealing valuables.

Hydration Kit Compatible

A backpack that is compatible with hydration is ideal for hiking trips because it makes it easy to access water.

With Tablet Component

Tablet sleeves are ideal for storing small tablets or laptops.

With wheels

It's so easy to travel with a backpack that has wheels!

There are many factors to consider before making a decision on your promotional custom made backpack. However, there are also many benefits. Take the plunge and increase your brand's visibility today! For any questions, send us an email or call.



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